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뮤지컬 햄릿 월드 버전 OST
뮤지컬 햄릿 월드 버전 OST
2008년 11월 01일
01 A few simple things
02 Why me?
03 Let's rise above this world(with Ophelia &코러스)
04 Only with blood can blood be paid (with ghost)
05 To a nunnery, go (with Ophelia)
06 Give me proof(with)
07 Today for the last time
08 Opening/ To be or not to be that is question
09 Today for the last time reprise
10 Sextet
11 Chaple
12 Undone
13 Who's crazy
14 All my life I'm digging graves
15 Twilight is a child
16 The duel
17 Be, not be
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